Reason magazine has published an article that makes the claim that Abbott’s BanDate is just as oppressive as Biden’s mandate. They say that Abbott’s order, “is no less outrageous than President Joe Biden’s plan to dictate employers’ vaccine policies.” The author, Jacob Sullum, tweeted, “Abbott’s vaccine order is just as oppressive as Biden’s. Neither politician is willing to tolerate deviation from the one business policy he thinks is best.”

Reason was once a bastion for libertarian thought. Perhaps it still holds on to that reputation somewhat, though it seems to be losing its roots, becoming a vestige of something that it once was.

I must agree that yes, under normal circumstances Abbott’s order would be a step too far in the form of government overreach by libertarian, and perhaps republican, standards. Unfortunately, these are not normal times.

So what are experiencing today? It would be hard to argue that the unvaccinated, those that oppose mask mandates, business closures, forced quarantine - all of it - aren’t the subjects of bigotry of a new flavor. A large part of the population that worship at the alter of Public Health, Fauci being their pope, government their god, mandates their commandments, have an unreasonable attachment, excessive zeal, to their opinion, which is shaped by their new masters.

Those that are choosing not to get vaccinated, for whatever reason, are being targeted as enemies. The powers that be, with their dedicated zealots on the street, are attempting to take away the rights of millions for making a personal decision. The attempts to coerce them to take medicine for someone else’s benefit are absolutely against all tenets of freedom.

Abbott’s order is actually meant to protect the medical and personal freedoms of individuals, in spite of business freedoms. In a perfect libertarian order, the force of the federal government regulating, or attempting to regulate, our near every move wouldn’t be a consideration, but we don’t live in that world. Far from it. So is Abbott’s order just? No, perhaps not. But is it right? I’d argue yes. But this is all sort of moot, as Texas is an At Will state, so people can be fired for most anything, with no recourse.

Biden’s mandate forces most everyone to act uniformly, while Abbott’s allows individuals to act in their own best interest. The two orders, Abbott’s vs. Biden’s, are objectively not equal. The federal government is trying to mandate something, and the state has stepped in and banned that mandate. It’s just about the most freedom loving thing Abbott could have done to protect individuals’ abilities to earn a living, even if it doesn’t fit perfectly into the freedom box.

As Comic Dave Smith said, “If you believe that basic human liberties are contingent upon consumption of a product from a giant pharmaceutical company, that is in bed with the government, who made this product off taxpayer money, that is shielded from liability from their customers, by the government, then you are a fascist.”

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