Debate Season is On

There’s a debate tonight people - and its going to be a doozy. There are already reports that Biden has received questions in advance (remember Donna Brazille did this for Hillary Clinton), though the sources are admittedly small and uncorroborated.

Trump also asked for a drug test, which Biden denied, along with inspection for ear pieces, which it seems like Biden agreed to and then reneged.

Its going to be circus, and I can’t wait. Watching Trump debate is a sight to behold, not because he is necessarily good at it in the classical sense, but because he bucks all norms. And its those norms that have gotten us to where we are today.

His clear and rightfully placed disdain of the mainstream media will be the best part of the show. Joe Biden will attack Trump as a racist, a murderer, a Russian puppet, and on and on, and Trump will let it all slide off and completely dismantle Biden on his 47 or 180 years in office with nothing to show for it.

Chris Wallace, the Fox News moderator, will feign impartiality, and will do it poorly. Fox is propped up as a supporting news network for Trump, and in some cases that is true, but Wallace being able to pull this off is doubtful, in my opinion.

Does the media need to be impartial? Of course not, unless they claim to be (ahem… CNN, anyone?). But during a debate, it should be of the upmost importance. This will not happen tonight. Biden is the chosen candidate of the elite ruling class, and Wallace will do as he is told. Maybe it will be better than a MSNBC debate moderated by Rachel Maddow, but that’s not saying much.

Many believe that tonights debate will be pointless as everyone has already made up their minds - it will all be bread and circus. I don’t necessarily agree with that. No, I don’t think that many white progressives, if any, will be swayed by Trump’s message, but independents are still in play. And the key here will be the minority vote. Converting Blacks and Hispanics would be the death knell for the DNC’s 2020 ambitions.

Trump, rightly, has a strong chance to achieve just that. He has done much for the African American community from funding Historically Black Colleges, prison reform, and having a genuine interest, followed by genuine efforts, to improve their quality of life through economic measures. Biden can’t compete with that, so he’ll continue the line of Trump is Hitler KKK Grand Wizard Mussolini The South Will Rise Again. If only they tried that in 2016, Hillary would have one.

And then there is the question of Biden’s mental state. It will be on full display tonight with 90 straight minutes against Trump’s barrage of attacks. Even if Biden has an ear piece, and his demeanor is the same as its been in recent months, it probably won’t matter. He’ll flub his lines and it’ll be obvious. What will this do for the democrats, independents, people of color watching? They’ll question, hopefully, his ability to govern competently. Left wing pundits will inevitably project this flaw onto Trump, so we’ll just have to wait and see who takes that bait.

Trump flattened a large field of experienced politicians and debaters in 2016, so I predict he’ll have no problem tonight. His base will likely grow, and even if it’s not by much, those that support him will grow more enthused than they already are.

And finally, Trump is probably the most prepared president ever for this kind of debate. (To call it a debate is probably a misnomer, but let’s keep going with it.) He is constantly taking a barrage of attacks in the form of questions from all media sources, and keep coming back for more. He’s very very good at this, and it’s obvious when you compare his abilities to other politicians in front of a hostile media. He takes tough questions in stride. (His answers are not always what they want to hear, and he can certainly change the focus or attack back, but he lets them ask anyway.)

I predict Trump will massacre the debate tonight, but the media will clip and edit to make it seem like he didn’t. Blue Check Twitter will eat it up, none of them will be banned for false or misleading statements, fact checked, or experience any repercussions at all. But us regular folks will know better.

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